We regard every search as unique and we tailor our efforts accordingly. We follow a systematic approach with basic steps which apply to all assignments:

  1. Defining client needs
  2. Developing position description
  3. Conducting the search
  4. Presenting the candidates
  5. Testing the candidates
  6. Checking references
  7. Follow up

The Search Process in details   

How World Search Group approaches your assignment
We regard every search as unique and we tailor our efforts accordingly. We follow a systematic approach consisting of five basic steps which apply to all assignments:

Defining client needs:

Together with our client we will discuss the position to be filled in order to learn about its exact level in the organisation and the areas of responsibility that it covers. 

Furthermore, we will discuss the education and professional experience required as well as the industrial or institutional background necessary to succeed in the position. Factors such as nationality, age, language skills and personality are also covered.

Developing position description:

'Based on the information received we prepare a position description which is reviewed and approved by the client. This description contains the detailed specifications against which each candidate is measured.

Conducting the search

A thorough search based on the requirements of the organisation and the profile of the candidate will be undertaken in order to identify the persons most likely to have the capabilities required. The identified persons are systematically contacted, interviewed, and evaluated against the established specifications.​

Presenting the candidates

The best candidates are selected and full reports covering a personal profile, education and professional experience as well as our evaluation of the candidate in relation to the position are presented in writing. These reports will be discussed thoroughly with our client and a selected group of candidates will be presented to him

Testing the candidates

We are authorized users of the recognized psychometric tool of analysis – “the B5Pluss Inventory. This inventory is approved by DNV (Det Norske Veritas). We also make use of additional capability tests.

Checking references

An offer of employment depends upon satisfactory reference checks. The references of the candidate selected for employment will be thoroughly checked by us.

Follow up

We follow up to ensure that the new executive is performing well and that the client continues to be satisfied with the results of our work. We also stay in contact with the successful candidate.​

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