Founded in 1982, World Search Group Scandinavia has assisted a wide range of international and Scandinavian corporations in creating effective and successful management teams in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

From Denmark, Norway and Sweden, World Search Group Scandinavia provides exceptional executive search support and expertise throughout the region. All three countries are staffed with senior professionals with extensive executive search experience.

With seven consultants in the three Scandinavian countries, the firm has assisted over 200 companies in various industries through the years. Searches typically have been for board members, executive or upper management positions.​

We believe that executive talent is every client`s most important investment and that the quality of management is the single most important variable affecting an organization`s success.

In today`s demanding business environment, you can have everything else - sound corporate strategy, solid financial controls, good product mix, effective marketing and low cost structure — and still fail to achieve satisfactory results without good management.​

WSGS International AS